Absinthe Karmagiddon

0,5l - 89,9% vol. alc

Absinthe Karmagiddon
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If you want to try something really special , then you need an absinthe Karmagiddon we order or buy online. The Absinthe Karmagidon is first a pure distillate , which is dyed with natural color green herbs . But a pure distillate can not have the very strong Absinthe effect , so we make the second distilling acapulco with 10 different herbs and absinthe Färbmazerat , which increase the Absinthe effect significantly.
The taste of absinthe Karmagiddon is complex with a abgegrundeten flavor profile . Although the anise ( green anise ) was kept very gehring and herbal aroma clearly predominate here .
Absinthe Karmagiddon decorated with a label that was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The Karmagiddon absinthe is in a dark glass surface closed with natural cork , almost 90 % vol . alc endures . In this first batch 170 bottles were prepared .
Try a strong Absinthe as Absinthe Karmagiddon and stay surpised of taste and aroma of this strong absinthe.

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