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Serpis Classic Absinthe 1l

1l - 55% vol. alc.


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Serpis Classic Absinthe 1l

Serpis Classic Absinthe in the big 1.0l bottle is a traditional absinthe from Spain, which has a red color. Serpis Classic Absinthe 1l is a quality product, because this Serpis Absinthe is not macerated, but distilled. Furthermore, the wormwood is not added as essential oil, but as the whole plant for distillation. The taste of the Serpis Classic Absinthe is very balanced, in which the anise pleasantly clings to the palate as well as adding in a cocktail makes a good figure. Absinthe Serpis Classic contains appr. 9.9 mg/Kg thujone, if we may trust the manufacturer's specification.

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