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Absinthe Nouvelle Vague

0,7l - 68% vol. alc


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Absinthe Nouvelle Vague

Absinthe Nouvelle Vague is an absinthe from France, which tastes very good. The Absinthe Nouvelle Vague, translated in German is called "New Wave" in which you can find the traditional Absinthe herbs coffee and cocoa flavors.
The Absinthe Nouvelle Vague They can be prepared in a dilution ratio of 1:2 to 1:4 with ice-cold water with sugar or sirop de Gomme easily be sweetened to round off the flavor.
Absinthe Nouvelle Vague is a green Absinthe and this green color comes from natural Absinthe herbs, which are used in production of Nouvelle Vague absinthe.

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