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Absinthe Metelka Couperosée

0,5l - 60% vol. alc


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Absinthe Metelka Couperosée

Absinthe Metelka Couperosée is a red absinthe from the Czech Republic, which was one of the first from the Czech Republic, which was produced from wine distillates. In addition to wine distillate in production of absinthe Metelka Couperosee and traditional Absinthe herbs and ingredients were.
The Absinthe Metelka Couperosee has an intense red color, a wonderful fragrance and a harsher taste. Add a bottle of Absinthe Metelka Couperosee you will find very little anise what the customers want to hear. Just now order Absinthe Metelka Couperosee online, or buy and try yourself with ice cold water and a sugar cube.

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