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Absinthe Medusa Green

0,5l - 55% vol. alc


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Absinthe Medusa Green

Absinthe Medusa Green Label is made from wormwood and other herbs absinthe. Invented the Absinthe Medusa Green around the year 1770 by Suzanne-Marguerite Henriod. The Medusa Green Label is a green absinthe, but unfortunately its color reaches from artificial coloring is. Absinthe Medusa Green was known to the cult drink number one of the 19th century and was used by many poets, thinkers and painters such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Hemingway and others.
Henriod Medusa Green Absinthe is also suitable for long drinks, cocktails to a boil. You can Medusa Absinthe Green absinthe order from our shop and at a mixing ratio of 1:3 with ice-cold water.

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