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Absinthe L`Exceptionnel

0,7l - 65% vol. alc


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Absinthe L`Exceptionnel

Absinthe L'Exceptionnel is a Czech absinthe, which is produced by Cami distillery. The L `Exceptionnel absinthe is distilled entirely by hand using natural ingredients. He has a green intense color, which consists of five special coloring herbs results. After French recipe is also wormwood and anise for this absinthe. A Vorzuckerung are not in this AbsinthAbsinth L `Exceptionnel and also for this absinthe were 14 different herbal ingredients.
You can dilute Absinthe L'Exceptionnel with ice cold water and a sugar cube and enjoy rühig.
Absinthe L'Exceptionnel is a medium-strong absinthe, which you can now buy or order from us.

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