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Absinthe Krasna Lipa

0,5l - 55% vol. alc


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Absinthe Krasna Lipa

Krasna Lipa Absinthe is a rare absinthe, which is no longer manufactured. In Europe and Globally recognized top absinthe. The taste of Krasna Lipa Absinthe determined by a superficial herbal note. After a good tradition in Czech Absinthe Krasna Lipa you will find very little anise, which is troublesome for many absinthe connoisseurs. Contains Krasna Lipa fennel, coriander and other select herbs and spices.
In the production of Krasna Lipa Absinthe only natural ingredients were used.
Rarity: This bottle is no longer made ​​and the last bottles are sold as collector's items and you can buy one. Therefore, the price is also higher. If you want the same quality with the almost same taste, you should choose for price reasons, the normal Bairnsfather Absinthe...

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